Key Benefits

Invest in the Right Process

Evaluate the performance of new processes applying risk control before investing. Benchmark multiple processing technologies and invest in the most relevant for your project

Comply with Process Validation Requirements

Obtain scientific evidence demonstrating that the process is capable of eliminating risks. Process validation is a key component of food safety regulations, including F.D.A. Food Safety Modernization Act (FMSA).

Optimize Processing Parameters

Perform range-finding trials or explore the benefits of digitalization to guarantee the “just-necessary” level of treatment. Increase process throughput, minimize energy consumption, and achieve the highest level of product quality.

Monitor Real-Time

Get a real-time vision of the process performance. Generate automatic certificates for each processed batch. Augment compliance and traceability. Eliminate paper and manual, repetitive, error-prone tasks associated with monitoring procedures.

Detect Deviations & Remediate Faster

Get notified real-time when deviations occur. Perform faster root-cause analysis. Streamline remediation activities associated with process failures and reduce unplanned downtimes. Maximize OEE and optimize factory performance.

Always Make Data-Informed Decisions

Build user-friendly reports for process performance. Analyze trends and benchmark processes against one another. Identify priority pathways for improvement based on measurable facts.


White Paper

Digital Transformation in Food Safety and Quality: a Cocoa Case Study


Food Processing Optimization: Ensuring Safety While Advancing Quality and Productivity


What is a pathogen? Why should pathogens be controlled in food?

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