Key Benefits

Map Risks using Surrogate- or Fluorescent-Markers

Simulate the spread of a natural contamination within the factory environment and identify weaker spots including leaks in hygienic design, potential growth niches / accumulation areas and risks of cross-contamination.

Reduce Manual, Repetitive Tasks

Avoid manual data entry and multiple manual signatures that are often prone to errors. Decrease repetitive tasks by automating workflows, trend analysis and reporting activities. Save time to refocus on higher value-added tasks.

Decrease Plant Downtimes

Automate sanitation and environmental monitoring workflows to start/restart production faster. Reduce unplanned plant downtimes by streamlining incident management, including root-cause analysis and remediation activities.

Centralize data, increase traceability

Centralize environmental monitoring data including historical test results for pathogens, hygiene indicators and allergens as well as CAPA activities. Access details from the cloud and augment audit readiness of your food safety system.

Streamline Trend Analysis

Build automatic trend charts and digital “heat” maps. Configure customized dashboards. Benchmark multiple manufacturing sites. Share insights across your organization in seconds.

Detect Deviations & Remediate Faster

Get real-time notifications when deviations occur. Perform faster root-cause analysis. Streamline remediation activities associated with sanitation failures and reduce unplanned downtimes. Maximize factory performance.

Always Make Data-Informed Decisions

Build user-friendly dashboards for Environmental Monitoring. Analyze trends and benchmark factories against one another. Identify priority pathways for improvement based on measurable facts.


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Environmental Monitoring Programs: Obtaining Value From Data

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