Novolyze was founded in 2012 with the ambition to invent a novel way to envision food safety & quality, that relies less on finished product testing and leads to superior positive impacts in the fields of environmental sustainability, yield and productivity.

Novolyze is headquartered in Washington DC, USA. We rely on state-of-the art infrastructures, installed in a pharmaceutical-grade environment, including BSL-1 and BSL-2 Labs, bioproduction facilities as well as pilot food processes.

Our Difference


Strongly rooted in science, led by an experienced team of cross-functional experts


A comprehensive set of solutions that encompasses all aspects of food safety & quality


Partnering with our clients to build tomorrow’s solutions together, today


Maximizing positive impact by improving performance, operational excellence, and sustainability


An organic solution that fits seamlessly with all the components of one’s food safety & quality
organization and beyond


Independently operated and
owned, ensuring singular data

Our Values

Customer Success

We put customers at the heart of everything, as a driver for improvement.


We strive to go one step further, never settle for the status quo.

Team Spirit

We work collaboratively towards shared goals.


We embrace change, adapt with flexibility and reactivity.


We create value for all stakeholders, focusing on doing the right thing.