Key Benefits

Measure Food Safety & Quality Performance in Real-Time

Visualize food safety & quality performance real-time. Build customized dashboards. Streamline reports and trend analysis. Get notified when deviations occur. Ensure that all products leave the facility on-time and with the right specifications.

Increase Sustainability

Reduce the environmental impact of food processing. Minimize energy consumption, carbon footprint and water usage by optimizing process parameters associated with food safety. Eliminate product and resource waste due to late-stage detection of food safety issues.

Release Products Faster

Release products faster by relying less on finished product testing and more on preventive controls, including process and sanitation procedures.

Align Practices across Your Organization

Harmonize food safety & quality programs across the organization and normalize data management. Simplify benchmarks and trend analysis. Ensure uniform language usage and be always audit-ready.

Augment Yield & Productivity

Streamline food safety & quality operations to increase yield and productivity. Minimize overprocessing to augment product throughput. Reduce plant downtimes associated with food safety & quality incidents.

Reduce Waste & Rework

Detect potential non-conformities faster by being notified real-time and expedite root-cause analysis and problem-solving. Address early-warning signals before production needs to be stopped.

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The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 946025