Novolyze’s Process Control Solution

Novolyze’s science-based Process Control solution introduces innovative patented technology providing real time, dynamic monitoring. It includes USDA compliance, product and ingredient attributes, sensory evaluation, and physical composition of the protein to optimize the thermal cook/chill/freeze process. This leads to an increase in throughput and a reduction of carbon footprint while maintaining the highest product safety and quality standards.



Success metrics from a global meat processor

The following result achieved by a global meat processor illustrates the value unlocked by the Novolyze process control platform.

Taking one plant and focusing on the cooking process’s performance, Novolyze investigated their steam ovens, sous vide machines, and smokers. Before working with Novolyze, they could cook around 5,400 batches per year. With Novolyze, they increased the cooking process’s output to 5,800 batches while guaranteeing food safety by adequate heat application.


Here is an overview of the resulting efficiencies

Time savings 3488 hours, operational equipment efficiency increase 7.3%, waste reduction 80%, additional product throughput $5.1M

Given the pressure on agricultural products and energy prices, there is no better time to review your factory processes, rationalize heat treatments, and minimize raw material waste.

Where there are defined returns, introducing process controls on the most impactful processing steps according to a phased roadmap developed with a trusted specialist is a winning recipe for risk management and cost control.

Novolyze can estimate similar success metrics for your organization based on industry experience and proprietary optimization models. Book a meeting with one of our experts!


Novolyze’s Process Control Platform

Novolyze Process Control KPI Dashboard and Sequence Validation Report


Meat processor case study


Top 5 reasons to consider a smart Process Control platform

  1. Scientifically control the process, increase throughput, and easily implement in a phased approach.
  2. Detect process deviations and implement corrective actions earlier.
  3. Empower management with a centralized information repository.
  4. Make better spending decisions with a complete understanding of the process capability and recurring issues.
  5. Instantly integrate industry best practices and product upgrades.



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