Key Benefits

Validate Cleaning & Sanitation Programs

Conduct in-plant validation trials and get real-life, unquestionable proof of performance of your cleaning & sanitation programs, including CIP, COP, OPC and clean breaks. Generate unquestionable data for your food safety documents and ensure compliance with regulations.

Optimize Cleaning-In-Place (CIP)

Monitor CIP systems real-time. Correlate CIP execution with cleaning performance and optimize CIP parameters. Reduce water and energy consumption while maintaining the desired level of safety. Lower the average CIP cycle time and restart production faster.

Verify Sanitation Real-Time

Implement continuous, real-time monitoring or perform periodic assessments of the sanitation procedures. Ensure that each sanitation or cleaning run delivers the required level of risk control. Be audit-ready at all times.

Simplify Problem-Solving

Identify high-risk zones for contamination or cross-contamination in the plant environment. Verify the hygienic design of a line. Visualize weak spots like crevices, sharp corners and dead areas. Implement more efficient corrective actions faster and come back to normality quicker.

Augment Food Safety Culture

Make the invisible, visible. Use fluorescent markers during training procedures and increase the awareness of the cleaning & sanitation crew on food safety risks and best practices to mitigate them.

Always Make Data-Informed Decisions

Build user-friendly reports for sanitation performance. Analyze trends and benchmark processes and procedures against one another. Identify priority pathways for improvement based on measurable facts.



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How to Achieve Sanitation Labor Efficiency through Digitalization and Automation

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