Novolyze Awarded 2023 Most Innovative Food Safety and Quality Software Company by New World Report

Revolutionary Digital Solutions Transforming the Landscape of Food Safety and Quality

Washington, DC – November 21, 2023 Novolyze, a leader in food safety and quality digitalization technology and solutions, today announced industry recognition as the Most Innovative Food Safety and Quality Software Company of 2023 by New World Report’s prestigious Software and Technology Awards.

New World Report, a leading business news platform covering the Americas, annually honors outstanding companies in the Software and Technology sectors. The Software and Technology Awards spotlight companies making significant contributions to the industry, and Novolyze stands out as a trailblazer in the field of food safety and quality.

Novolyze has successfully enabled some of the world’s largest food production companies to optimize processes, reduce over-processing, and enhance efficiency through its cutting-edge digital solutions. The company’s patented technologies provide a comprehensive view of environmental monitoring, process control, sanitation, and other critical aspects of food safety and quality. By digitalizing these processes, Novolyze contributes to increased operational efficiency and profitability, smarter monitoring and traceability, and aiding in the reduction of energy and water usage, thereby aligning with sustainability initiatives.

The Software and Technology Awards, now in their fourth year, recognize companies across North and South America that demonstrate excellence, innovation, and a commitment to advancing technology. Novolyze’s dedication to transforming food safety and quality processes has earned the company this esteemed accolade.

“New World Report’s award affirms Novolyze’s mission to revolutionize the food industry,” said Novolyze CEO Karim-Franck Khinouche. “Our SMART Food Safety & Quality platform of solutions ensures product safety without the need for costly testing, empowering efficient and waste-minimized food production, transforming our customers processes so consumers can enjoy safe, high-quality products with confidence.

Awards Coordinator Taylor Wilson expressed enthusiasm for the winners, stating, “This year’s Software and Technology Awards has been a pleasure. Working with trailblazers is always inspiring, and I’m sure our winners will be succeeding well into the future. Here’s to even more excellent achievements in 2024 – and beyond!”

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About Novolyze:
Founded in 2012, Novolyze enables the world’s largest food production companies to reduce over processing and increase efficiencies by digitalizing food safety and quality processes. Its patented solutions offer a holistic view of environmental monitoring, process control, sanitation, and other food safety and quality processes that can benefit from smart monitoring and traceability. In addition to optimizing operations, Novolyze solutions can help companies with sustainability initiatives, by providing a roadmap for decreasing energy and water use, thereby shrinking a company’s carbon footprint. For more information, visit

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