Novolyze and Safesteril Partner to Revolutionize Food Ingredient Safety with Data-Driven Validation

Food Manufacturers Gain Competitive Advantage in Food Safety Through Advanced Technology Partnership.

Washington, DC – July 2, 2024Novolyze, a leading provider of cloud-based food safety and quality digitalization technology and microbial process validation solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Safesteril, a brand of ETIA, a subsidiary of the VOW ASA group specializing in continuous heat treatment processes for dry food products.

This collaboration leverages the strengths of both companies:

  • Safesteril’s industry-leading sterilization equipment: Safesteril’s technology effectively eliminates pathogens and bacteria from dry food ingredients while preserving their organoleptic properties.
  • Novolyze’s innovative SMART Validation software: SMART Validation automates data collection, analysis, and reporting, enabling efficient process validation for a wider range of products.

A Game-Changer for Ingredient Processors

Ingredient processors face a significant challenge: validating the safety of a vast number of products against a multitude of pathogens. Traditional methods, requiring individual validations for each product, are economically unsustainable. Novolyze’s SMART Validation solves this problem by:

  • Product Grouping: Automatically grouping similar products into a manageable number of validation categories (typically 5-7) optimizes validation coverage without compromising safety.
  • Complete Coverage: Ingredient processors can achieve comprehensive validation for all their products at a fraction of the usual cost compared to traditional methods.
  • Real-Time Compliance: SMART Validation automatically matches products and production sequences, calculates log reduction, and generates compliant validation reports. Real-time deviation analysis ensures immediate corrective actions when needed.

Safesteril Users Gain Additional Benefits:

Ingredient processors using Safesteril equipment who also subscribe to the Novolyze platform can further optimize their sterilization processes with:

  • Reduced Processing Time and Temperature: SMART Validation helps identify the most efficient sterilization parameters while remaining compliant with FDA regulations.
  • Increased Throughput: The faster processing times and lower temperatures result in more product being processed without additional investment in equipment.
  • Preserved Quality: Spices and herbs retain their natural color and flavor due to reduced over-processing.

“Ingredient processors are under constant pressure to ensure food safety while maintaining efficiency,” said Karim-Franck Khinouche, CEO and Founder of Novolyze. “Our partnership with Safesteril empowers them with a powerful combination to achieve both objectives. By leveraging SMART Validation, Safesteril users can achieve comprehensive validation coverage, optimize their sterilization processes, and ultimately deliver safer, higher-quality ingredients to consumers.”

Safesteril’s Expertise in Food Sterilization

Safesteril’s innovative sterilization process uses continuous dry steam to eliminate pathogens and bacteria without compromising the quality of food products. Their patented Spirajoule® technology ensures gentle and homogeneous treatment, preserving taste, color, and moisture while achieving a 5-log reduction in Salmonella and significant reductions in other harmful microorganisms.

“Safesteril is committed to providing our customers with the most advanced food safety solutions available,” said Yvan Kostadinov, CEO at ETIA. “This partnership with Novolyze enables Safesteril customers to unlock a new level of efficiency from their best-in-class sterilization equipment to achieve new levels of efficiency and peace of mind in their sterilization processes.”

About Novolyze:
Founded in 2012, Novolyze enables the world’s largest food production companies to reduce over-processing and increase efficiencies by digitalizing food safety and quality processes. Its patented solutions offer a holistic view of environmental monitoring, process control, sanitation, and other food safety and quality processes that can benefit from smart monitoring and traceability. In addition to optimizing operations, Novolyze solutions can help companies with sustainability initiatives, by providing a roadmap for decreasing energy and water use, thereby shrinking a company’s carbon footprint. For more information, visit or follow the company on Twitter/X and LinkedIn.

About Safesteril
Safesteril, a brand of ETIA, a subsidiary of the VOW ASA group, is a global leader in continuous heat treatment processes for dry food products. Their innovative sterilization equipment uses dry steam to eliminate pathogens and bacteria while preserving the integrity of food products. With over 114 installations worldwide, Safesteril empowers food manufacturers to deliver safe and high-quality products to consumers around the world.