Novolyze Named Global Leader in Cloud Computing

Leading Software Provider Recognized as Cloud Disruptor in Food Safety and Quality

Washington, DC – October 26, 2023 Novolyze, a leader in food safety solutions and quality digitization technology, today announced the Business Intelligence Group has awarded Novolyze a 2023 Stratus Award for Cloud Computing in their annual business award program. The organization sought to identify the companies, products and people that are offering unique solutions that take advantage of cloud technologies.

For the first time in food processing history, Novolyze SMART Process Control enables real-time, optimized food safety monitoring without testing.  Recognized as a true game-changer, its patented technology ushers in a new wave in how food safety and quality is achieved. As a Cloud Disruptor, SMART Process Control is leading the digital revolution and fundamentally transforming how leading companies in the food and beverage industry are performing food safety and quality operations.   Novolyze offers turnkey compliance solutions for process control that encompass all parameters in one program, including validation, verification, and dynamic monitoring.

SMART Process Control enables food and beverage companies to save energy, reduce waste, and improve compliance.  The platform’s real-time monitoring uniquely helps companies identify and correct deviations from optimal processing parameters to reduce energy consumption, reduce waste, or lower operational costs by ensuring that processes are operating efficiently.  Real-time data on process performance available exclusively within SMART Process Control helps companies comply with food safety regulations through automated reports that demonstrate company’s processes are meeting regulatory requirements.

Novolyze SMART Process Control is a powerful tool that can help food and beverage companies improve their food safety, quality, and efficiency. It is a valuable investment for any company that is serious about producing safe, high-quality products.

“Representing a first in the industry, this technology is a major breakthrough for the food and beverage industry and foundational to the Novolyze SMART Process Control SaaS solution,” said Novolyze CEO Karim-Franck Khinouche. “It provides food manufacturers with an automated way to ensure the safety of their products without having to rely on time-consuming and expensive laboratory testing. It also gives them programmatic insight to produce more food faster at less expense and with less waste from their existing processing lines.”

“Novolyze is one of the leaders in the cloud, helping to develop the infrastructure we need to store and host the data and applications driving our society,” said Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer of Business Intelligence Group. “We are so proud to recognize all of the winners in this year’s award program.”

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About Novolyze:

Founded in 2012, Novolyze enables the world’s largest food production companies to reduce over processing and increase efficiencies by digitizing food safety and quality processes. Its patented solutions offer a holistic view of environmental monitoring, process control, sanitation control, and other food safety and quality processes that can benefit from smart monitoring and traceability. In addition to optimizing operations, Novolyze solutions can help companies with sustainability initiatives, by providing a roadmap for decreasing energy and water use, thereby shrinking a company’s carbon footprint. For more information, visit

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