Novolyze SMART Validation Selected by Colin Ingredients for New Culinary Innovation Center

Digitalization and operational efficiency on tap for Next-Gen Culinary Development

Washington, DC – May 15, 2024 Novolyze, a leading provider of cloud-based food safety and quality digitalization technology and microbial process validation solutions, today announced that Colin Ingredients, a global leader in taste and food technology solutions, has selected Novolyze’s SMART Validation for use in their new state-of-the-art culinary innovation center.

Colin Ingredients chose SMART Validation to:

    • Ensure Compliance and Meet Customer Expectations: SMART Validation will empower Colin Ingredients to efficiently validate processes, meeting their clients’ stringent quality requirements and demonstrating regulatory compliance.
    • Deliver Efficiency and Cost Savings: By eliminating the need for post-production lab testing, SMART Validation enables Colin Ingredients to provide customers with validation and compliance certificates for every batch, saving time and money.
    • Optimize Processes for Sustainability: Real-time data from SMART Validation provides Colin Ingredients with valuable insights into process variability. This enables them to optimize processes for reduced energy and water consumption, aligning with their commitment to sustainability.
    • Streamline Operations and Reduce Workload: Real-time alerts and corrective actions through SMART Validation will alleviate burdens on shop floor operators, contributing to a more streamlined production environment.

The selection of SMART Validation aligns perfectly with Colin Ingredients’ 6 core values, particularly their unwavering commitment to quality.

“At Colin Ingredients, our family legacy has always been built on a foundation of quality and ethical practices,” said Eric Colin, CEO of Colin Ingredients.  “Novolyze’s SMART Validation perfectly complements our commitment to these values by providing a robust and efficient solution to ensure consistent quality for our customers, while optimizing our processes for a more sustainable future.”

“By investing in high-performing industrial tools and with a dedication to innovation, Colin Ingredients is well known as a key partner for industry leaders,” said Karim-Franck Khinouche, CEO and Founder of Novolyze. “SMART Validation will empower Colin Ingredients to accelerate innovation, deliver exceptional quality, and achieve their sustainability goals, all while streamlining operations.”

About Novolyze
Founded in 2012, Novolyze enables the world’s largest food production companies to reduce over-processing and increase efficiencies by digitalizing food safety and quality processes. Its patented solutions offer a holistic view of environmental monitoring, process control, sanitation, and other food safety and quality processes that can benefit from smart monitoring and traceability. In addition to optimizing operations, Novolyze solutions can help companies with sustainability initiatives, by providing a roadmap for decreasing energy and water use, thereby shrinking a company’s carbon footprint. For more information, visit or follow the company on Twitter/X and LinkedIn.

About Colin Ingredients
Colin Ingredients is a global leader in taste and food technology solutions, creating a world of flavor experiences for the food industry.  With a focus on co-creation and a deep understanding of consumer trends, Colin Ingredients partners with customers to bring innovative and sustainable taste solutions to life.  For more information, visit