Novolyze Announces Brand and Website Refresh, Highlighting Expansion of Brand

Washington, D.C. –  October 06, 2021 — Food safety and quality technology company Novolyze revealed its refreshed brand and website today. The brand refresh comes as the company looks to expand its brand globally along with its technology in the food quality and safety industry.

The refreshed branding reflects Novolyze’s continued holistic approach to food safety and quality through their application-driven and tech-enabled solutions while also creating space for the brand to grow and expand.

“At Novolyze, we’re constantly expanding the idea of what food safety and quality can be,” said Novolyze Founder & CEO Karim-Franck Khinouche. “The new and updated elements of this brand refresh reflect the continued growth of Novolyze while also highlighting our continued commitment to providing groundbreaking food safety & quality solutions for our clients.”

The brand refresh also includes an updated mission statement and tagline to better reflect the company’s continued collaborative approach to providing the best possible food safety and quality technology for their clients.

A renewed focus on Novolyze’s roots can be found in the guiding pillars, which highlight the company’s science-based, holistic approach while showcasing their collaborative, impact-led and adaptive processes.

Novolyze has established itself as a partner for the food industry on its mission to produce and deliver safe, quality food to consumers while building a healthier, more sustainable world. This brand refresh encapsulates the continuation of this collaborative approach to food safety and quality while creating space for the brand to continue to grow.

Elements of this refreshed brand can be found on the company’s website, which was also revealed today.

“We’re excited to share this enhanced brand and website that highlight who we are and where we’re going while also staying grounded in our roots as a science-based, collaborative approach to food safety and quality,” said Pierre-Olivier Béal, VP of Strategic Marketing.

About Novolyze: Novolyze empowers food and beverage companies to enhance food safety and quality performance and compliance in a rapidly changing environment. We offer application-driven, tech-enabled solutions to activate a groundbreaking, holistic approach to food safety and quality. We leverage the power of IoT and cloud computing to unify food safety and quality data, transform them into actionable insights, and enable real-time decision-making. For more information about Novolyze, please visit