Surrogate Organisms

SurroNov® is the first range of dried and ready-to-use surrogate bacteria. SurroNov® surrogates are non-pathogenic microorganisms that mimic the resistance of foodborne pathogens under different kinds of stress (heat etc.). Due to their safety, SurroNov® surrogates are used directly at the plant (pilot or industrial), to test the efficacy of microbial kill steps.

SurroNov® surrogates offer the food industry a “gold-standard” method to validate the efficacy of a process:

  • Compatible with a wide range of applications
  • Lower total cost of validation
  • Strong peer recognition

Novolyze’s Dry Surrogate Technology

Due to its capacity to significantly streamline and decrease uncertainty during process validation studies, Novolyze’s Dry Surrogate Technology received several recognitions, including the 2017 Food Safety Innovation Award delivered by the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) and the 2018 Food Expo Innovation Award delivered by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).

Ready-to-Use, no Further Enrichment Step Required Before Inoculation

Minimal Impact of the Inoculation on the Intrinsic Properties of Dry Ingredients

Compatible with a Large Portfolio of Applications, Robust Scientific evidence of Death Time Correlations

Easy Inoculation at High Levels (up to 8-log) from a few Grams to Several tons of Food

Strong Stability, Long Shelf Life, Easy Storage & Transportation

Standardized Manufacturing Process. Maximum Reproducibility. Maximum Quality.

Novolyze continuously conducts intensive R&D studies to verify the appropriatness of SurroNov(R) surrogates. The resistance of our products has already been verified for a wide range of processing technologies, pathogens and food products, three key parameters that are critical when designing a robust validation strategy.

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