Our Technological Platform

Unique in food and feed research and development, NovoGate™ is a thermal, pilot test system using a connected technological platform to evaluate a wide range of sterilization solutions.

With NovoGate™, Novolyze further augments its objective to implement standardized approaches in evaluating thermal inactivation of foodborne pathogens using surrogate microorganisms.


NovoGate™ is configured to test the resistance of pathogens to different kinds of stress – including temperature, pressure and steam.


NovoGate™ is set-up in a BSL2 lab, at Novolyze’s R&D Center in France, with the ability to perform test runs including such pathogens as SalmonellaCronobacter sakazakiiEscherichia coli and Listeria.


With NovoGate™, our aim is not only to accelerate the development of our range of surrogate microorganisms but also to bring to our partners an innovative solution to improve control of microbiological hazards in food.

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