in plant validation kit

In-Plant Validation Kit

What is Novolyze’s In-Plant Validation Kit?

The first ready-to-use kit to perform in-plant validations with surrogates in a simple, fast and cost-efficient way.

What are the Main Benefits of Novolyze’s In-Plant Validation Kit?

  • Inoculation of up to 3kg of food matrix in autonomy
  • Simplified logistics: money- and time-saving (compared with pre-inoculated packs)
  • Long shelf-life: maximized flexibility for validation projects
  • Easy to use: no microbiology background required
  • Tested for a wide range of food applications
  • And all the benefits of SurroNov® Surrogates inside!

How does it work?

Novolyze’s In-Plant Validation Kit includes all the materials needed to conduct a validation project: customized instructions for use, a sufficient quantity of SurroNov®, inoculation material, sample preparation material, confinement bags or balls if required, sample identification sheet, sample recovery material, safety equipment

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