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In order to help the food industry strengthen the safety of microbial reduction systems, Novolyze is introducing FoodSafetyGuardian®. FoodSafetyGuardian® is the first digital, connected solution fully devoted to the control of microbial intervention steps.

What is FoodSafetyGuardian®?

The first connected, digital solution fully dedicated to the control of microbial intervention steps.


What are the Main Features of FoodSafetyGuardian®?

  • Analyses processing data in real-time thanks to algorithmic calculations
  • Collects processing data from a MES-SCADA system, from a PLC or directly from sensors (thermal probes etc.)
  • Records processing data (digital vault) on a single, centralized SaaS platform
  • Sends automatic alerts in case of deviations (email push etc.)
  • Builds user-friendly reports (conformity reports for each processed batch, equipment performance, system benchmark)

What are the Main Benefits of FoodSafetyGuardian®?

  • No-CAPEX Monitoring: Off-the-shelf solution to monitor processing systems, directly compatible with a large number of technologies
  • Food Safety: Real-time identification of any process failure that may affect food safety
  • Regulatory Compliance: FSMA Final Rule for Preventive Controls – Verification Part
  • Serene Audits: All the processing data available in a few clicks at the same place
  • Food Quality: Real-time identification of process deviations that may affect product quality
  • Process Productivity: Identification of sources of optimization (system throughput, residence time in the system)
  • Customer Satisfaction: 1 digitally-signed conformity certificate for each processed batch + more immediate actions in case of deviations
  • Better Visibility on Line Availability: Predictive maintenance, maintenance scheduling
  • And more to come with future integrations: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Maintenance, Maintenance Scheduling, Blockchain
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