About Novolyze

Our Company

Novolyze develops and manufactures qualified, ready-to-use surrogate microorganisms to help food companies, laboratories and equipment manufacturers perform in plant validation studies and comply with the new FSMA requirements.
Our state-of-the-art R&D center is located in Dijon, France, 30 miles from the birthplace of Louis Pasteur. Equipped with BSL2 labs, bio-production facilities and lab pilot units with food processes, our scientific staff is devoted to developing surrogates to help the food industry ensure safer food. With strategic partners, we have access to a BSL3 lab specialized in food virology.

Our Skils

Our Clients

Our team of food safety experts composed of microbiologists, food engineers and risk assessment specialists help our clients with the validation of their preventive control steps, sanitation procedures and cooking instructions (NRTE products).
Our scope of actions extends from regulatory & FSMA compliance, brand protection, preventive controls and risk management.

The development of our surrogate microorganisms leads the way for validating process controls, complying with FSMA, meeting supplier requirements and most of all delivering safe food products to consumers.

We work worldwide with pet food, food and beverage companies around the world as well as food processors, retailers, laboratories & equipment manufacturers.

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